Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Breakfast Burritos

High in protein and nutrient rich vegetables, breakfast burritos are delicious and a great idea for breakfast when you have leftover vegetables and meat from your dinner the night before. If you do not have any leftovers, then you can saute some vegetables until tender and/or meat until fully cooked.

Be creative:. You can use leftover taco mix, chunky pasta sauce, any kind of cooked vegetable or lean meat; Chop it up into small chunks and mix it in a bowl with eggs. Because of cholesterol in eggs, I use one full egg combined with 3 egg whites. Depending on your diet, you may decide to use whole eggs, just egg whites, or a combination of both like I do.

Scramble the eggs until cooked. Put the cooked egg mixture onto a whole wheat or corn tortilla wrap or taco shell. Top it with sugar free salsa, wrap it up and enjoy.

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